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Jäntas valpar  

Ino & Iris


Callevys Irish Truffel

Joys valpar


Jänta & Harley

Danny & Jänta valpar


Zaza och hennes syskon






























2012    „    Hem    „     Email  „     Design:  Fredrik


Top Pom number 1 2010, BOB and Group-3 at Stockholm int 


Norduch SW-10
Callevys May Bloom




Our new puppy after Noble Art Boys Will Be Boys


Callevys Cortland




New Swedish Champion


Noble Art Boys Will Be Boys




BOB at the Swedish Winner Shows both 2008 and 2009! From limited showing Top Pom number 5 2009.

Intuch Norduch JEUW-06 WW-06 SW-08 SW-09
Djurtorps Sir Commando